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Preloader Thread!

2008-12-13 06:55:44 by ThePieDude

Hey Guys, Check out mah Preloader Thread Now!

Sorry I've been away for some time guys, I completely forgot about NG!

So, long story short, I made some noo songz and AwesomeSauce 3.0 s out 2mor.

Go Check Mah Songz Out Now!

I can't Wait!

mini animation

2008-10-04 04:02:35 by ThePieDude

I did it in like 5 dont expect to much!

mini animation

When I was bored....

2008-09-26 17:08:40 by ThePieDude

I made this pic!
whaddya think?

When I was bored....

Dosent Matter!

2008-09-23 13:51:37 by ThePieDude

Ive fixed the epic loop problem so... no need to bother =)

Epic Loop.....

2008-09-23 13:07:21 by ThePieDude

For Some Reason my new submission suddenly stops for 5 seconds, i didnt do anything to make that happen, it just did!
Can anyone help? ;(


2008-09-21 12:45:13 by ThePieDude

Hey, anyone got any flash ideas? I'm really stuck.



Voice Acting, Anyone?

2008-08-20 04:25:57 by ThePieDude

Hey! I've decided to be a voice actor! If anyone wants me to do voice acting, Just PM me! Here are some rules:
1: You MUST include me someway in your animation! (e.g Credits)
2: All sound files will be submitted through e-mail, so if you want me to do voice acring, tell me your e-mail!
3: All sound files will either be a .wav or .mp3, it's your choice!

So If you need voice acting, just PM me!

Peace Out! ~ThePieDude